Thursday, November 8, 2007

Guess What I Saw At Joann's Fabrics?

I seem to live at Joann's Fabrics. I was working on a handbag to send in on a Somerset Haute Handbag call, when I looked at their magazine rack and I counted 4 of the Stampintons magazines that my art is in!!! I stood there and felt that dizzie feeling for a minute. You know that feeling when time stands still and you have an outer body experience??? Wow ME!!! I know it will never happen again, so I have to talk about it.

The magazines are Weddings 3, Newest Belle Armoire, Somersets Holiday & Celebrations and last is the new Altered Couture!!! I only have 2 art items to be published in the future. I keep missing dead lines because life gets in the way. I never sit still, yet I always feel I'm running behind. I dropped all my art trades as they took up so much time. Right now I'm trying to figure out what to alter for the next issue of Altered Couture??? Plus I want to be in at least one of their Sew issues. I did send off 2 of the most Wonderful Darling Handbags to them yesterday. One of them I made all by myself from scratch. My daughters thought it looked very "Hippie Sixties". I Loved it, and will use it when it comes back home to me!! I said a prayer as I shipped them off. There was a new guy at the "Help You Mail" store and I didn,t think he taped the package good enough. I kept asking for more tape and he just told me "Don't Worry", famous lasts words I heard when a huge shipment of my jewelry got lost. I also had under insured the package of Beautiful Jewelry and it took a year to squeeze the monoey from the shipping co. I will be on pins and needles until I get the arrival postcard!!!

Heres my newest addiction!!! Paperwhinsy Collage Sheets!! I sat up half the night making 4x4's and listing them on my etsy for SALE!!! They are so cute!!! I Hope they are a hit on my etsy site. I always need money to make more things to send in to magazines. Lets face it, my house looks like a craft store!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Great News!!!!! I'll Have An Article In Somerset's Weddings 4

Amanda Nolan editor of Weddings 4 Loved my new Wedding creation!!!! I had a Beautiful spread in the last issue!!! How could I top that???? I made a curtain for my daughter-in-law Christine's Craft Room. My son David and his wife have been married now for 9 years. There Wedding was very small and Christine wore her favorite color??? I'm not going to tell what color it was, but not a triditional color!!!! Now I have to re write the article for the Wedding Curtain that has their wedding photos on it. My daughter any now calls me the Art Cloth Collage Wedding Expert!!!

This weekend Amy and I went to the" Walter Larsen Antique" show. Of course we found lots of pretty and fun treasures we had to have!!!! I was on the hunt for inexpensive Cabnet Photos of Babies and Pretty Childeren!!! I found a lot of photos and not all were inexpensive!!! I found lots of Keys!!! One can not have enough keys!!! I plan to put them in necklaces for my etsy shop. Also bought a lot of beautiful fabric trims as did Amy. We had so much fun!!! Amy has a great eye for finding deals and great treasures!! She spotted a hat box from an exclusive, expensive huge boutique called Makoff's. Wyoming oil Barrons wives shopped there for the finest furs, couture clothing, hats, shoes and jewels!!! The box only cost $2.00, it probably cost that to make it in 1965. They sold the most wonderful shoes in all the world!! Can hardly wait until next year when the Antique show comes back.

I recieced my jewelry back from Somerset that didn't make the next Jewelry call!! I was sad of course. Every time I wear the pieces I'm pawed at by women who want to know where did i get them??? I just sent in another batch of jewels for the next call. I think I'm not creative enough for their jewelry magazine, but I will keep trying until they like some thing!!! My Motto is "Never Give Up"!!!! Hugs!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Where does The Time Go????

Two weeks ago I was in Las Vegas. I lost some money and did a little shopping. i Love Las Vegas!!! They have the best shopping, you can window shop forever!!! I fell in Love with some jewelry that I couldn't afford!!! Earrings are over a hundred dollars. We stayed at the Paris again, Love their food and shops. It was nice sleeping in, after all We went to bed around 2 or 3 a.m. Playing the addictive penny games, that really cost dollars.

I've been working on things to submit to Somerset magazine. I always have a hard time making up my mind what to make. Typing instructions takes me forever!!! Every once in a while my art gets in an issue!!! Yesterday i found out a piece of mine will be in a featured article!!!! I can hardly wait to see that issue. It will be some time next year.

I went Christmas decoration shopping with my daughter Amy. The store is so Big!!! Filled with every thing anyone could want or buy for Christmas. I was in Love with their themed trees. I think there was a dozen or so!!! We found things we couldn't live with out. I Love all the sparkly things. I even bought a huge faux bird egg and nest. I'll sparkle up the nest!!!

Back to making jewelry to submit to the next Jewelry issue.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Somerset Holidays.....Me!!!!!

Hi!!!! To my surprise I recieved my issue today!!! I'm on page 48, an entire page. As always I'm high as a kite when I open one of Stampingtons magazines and theres my ART!!! I Love the little Heart Cage my friend Tamara Comerford sent me for my birthday. I turned it into a collage of me when I was 2 years old. I'm crazy about Hearts and have them all over the house.

The Holiday issue is Wonderful and I want to make many of the beautiful art pieces for me, my house. Next week I will be looking for all the things I need to make the fun and beautiful art in this issue.

The week has flown by. I wanted to get started on Oliver and Owen's Cowboy quilts. I need to get them cut out and quilted soon.. Once I have the boys here I will be much to busy to sew. My daughter Amy and I also bought some Cowboy flannel. With the flannel I can make Baby Owen some bibs. Owen's very messy when he drinks his bottle and has Colic. His mommy, Emily had colic and I thought I would never live through all the crying. It seemed to last for months. I can hardly wait!!!

Posting a photo of My Wire Heart, hugs!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Me!!! Artchix Home Page!!!! Wow!!!

Its so fun to see my art on the home page at the Artchix Yahoo group!!! I remember when I first learned how to use a computer and type (Hunt And Peck) typing, I found the Artchix Yahoo group. There was only a few posts a week. Then a year later that all changed!!! I've meet and become friends with so many other artists there. The people who are part of the group are all talented and some of them are even Famous Artists!!!!

I Love that Artists who have very busy lives take the time to share their art and encourage everyone to show off their art too!! I've also learned from the Artchix shop website. I was invited to teach an online class, me!!!! It was fun and hope others are using my techniques I shared. Not to bore you all I'm loading a phot from my online Artchix class!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Me Published!!! Belle Armoire art to wear

I'm so excited!!! Out at the mailbox with 2 of my daughters, Emily and Gigi, there it was!!! A copy of Belle Armoire!!! I was sure it was a mistake. I knew some of my yahoo friends were in this issue!!!! As I thumbed through the pages there they were!!! Page 21, a necklace "Friends Through Art". Such a beautiful necklace!! Now i want one. The article is on page 23. Article by my good friend Peggy Gato. Peggy is such an amazing artist and a friend to all. Then there was the belt I made for the belt call!!! Page 54 and a wonderful color shot of my Artchix Juice Can Lid Chain Belt!!!

This is the first time being published in Belle Armoire. I've always wanted to send in submissions, but didn't. Yet heres my belt. Pinch me!! My family made fun of me as I saved all the juice can lids. I knew an idea would come to me one day. As I type this I have thought of other ideas for the juice can lids. I'm on Cloud 9!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Confessions Of A Painted Woman!!!!

My artists life is always changing. Grandchild number 4 is now 2 weeks old!!! That makes 4 Darling Little Boys!!! For almost 20 months I've baby sat Oliver who just turned 2. Hes into every thing!! I keep putting all my treasures and art supplies up higher and higher. Oliver wants to touch every thing and be an artist. Oliver thinks he owns the whole world!!
Baby brother Owen was born August first. Today I had a half day test run with the 2 boys. I felt like a new mother. By the time my daughter came and picked them up I knew I will have to run a tight ship, if I'm to get through every day with the boys. Owens a wonderful baby, Oliver is so jealous!!! Hes double trouble in a darling little body.
I try to work on art projects every day. I can see some changes for me in the future. Slowly my body is falling apart. I'm disabled from a back injury , blind in one eye and kidney problems. I tell myself the boys are here to slow me down. I can no longer do things women my age can. I feel very short changed. Because of all the boys I see life and art in a new light!!! They are a gift to me. I have the time to see life through their eyes. They love grandma's house with all my art rooms and doing art.
I'm going to try and blog about my art and the artistic ventures of the Boys!!! At the end of the day when I'm covered with paints, they think its great!!!