Thursday, August 16, 2007

Confessions Of A Painted Woman!!!!

My artists life is always changing. Grandchild number 4 is now 2 weeks old!!! That makes 4 Darling Little Boys!!! For almost 20 months I've baby sat Oliver who just turned 2. Hes into every thing!! I keep putting all my treasures and art supplies up higher and higher. Oliver wants to touch every thing and be an artist. Oliver thinks he owns the whole world!!
Baby brother Owen was born August first. Today I had a half day test run with the 2 boys. I felt like a new mother. By the time my daughter came and picked them up I knew I will have to run a tight ship, if I'm to get through every day with the boys. Owens a wonderful baby, Oliver is so jealous!!! Hes double trouble in a darling little body.
I try to work on art projects every day. I can see some changes for me in the future. Slowly my body is falling apart. I'm disabled from a back injury , blind in one eye and kidney problems. I tell myself the boys are here to slow me down. I can no longer do things women my age can. I feel very short changed. Because of all the boys I see life and art in a new light!!! They are a gift to me. I have the time to see life through their eyes. They love grandma's house with all my art rooms and doing art.
I'm going to try and blog about my art and the artistic ventures of the Boys!!! At the end of the day when I'm covered with paints, they think its great!!!


Randall K said...

I too am disabled (both physical & mental) so I know how you feel. I had to give up air brush & sketching because my hands shake so much from the pain and I can only sit or stand for brief periods.

I turned to digital art and keep my computer set up next to my bed so I can work as much as possible. Trying to enter into the art world and become known (earn sales) is what is so frustrating for me. Another artist, a very kind lady named Dawn liked my art and is helping me. She paid for the domain, hosts it on her servers and started a blog for me. Its if you'd like to see some of what I create.

KARA said...

what a beautiful picture, congrats on your 4th grandson.
i hope they don't tire you out too much I am looking forward to seeing your work.

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