Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Button, Button Who's Got The Button??? ME!!!

Who has the Button or should I say Buttons?? I decided to decorate a jacket for the next Somerset Altered Couture. I got out all my Big Buttons and more. I hand sewed Buttons into a heart Shape on the back of a Burgundy Velvet Jacket. On the front of the jacket I just edged the collar and lapels. In the mid 1980's I fell in Love with then Dress Designer Patrick Kelly. Patrick is no longer with us and his life can be googled!! When I fell in Love with his Button Heart Dresses I had boxes and boxes of Vintage Buttons. I had been showing and making Button Jewelry for dept. stores. I had to make a Button Dress after a salesgirl insulted me when one of my daughter's Jenny who was about 6 at the time said: "Mommy why don't you make you a Button Dress like this one? This dress is $2000.00 and you could make one for you. I won't go into the story, but I did just that. I decorated a sweater and then backs of jean jackets and sweat shirts!! I t was fun and they sold the minute they were put on a hanger and on the boutique floor. Word got and the newspaper tracked me down and did a featured article on all Artistic Clothing!!

Here is what I made for Stampington!!

I had so much fun making this jacet and looking a some of my forgotten Buttons!!