Friday, September 26, 2008

Trying To Blog Again

Wow!! It has almost been a year ago that I blogged. Like a broken clock my body quit ticking, a trip to the emergency, lots and lots of Dr. visits. I am a medical mystery!! The holidays came and went!! More things happened to our family that would take forever to talk about!!

On a lighter note!! My grandson's are all growing up and up!! Ben the handsome 9 year old rebel artist, skater,biker, guitar kid. Ben making new friends at his new home!!! Little brother handsome Cole and I have to add is the number genius. Cole will be 5 in November!!! Cole can write a million on the chalkboard and knows its a million of something!! He is a wizz with numbers!! Oliver is now 3 and thinks hes the boss of me!! Little brother Owen is learning how to walk and talk, he just turned one. I watch Oliver and Owen 5 days a week and they run circles around me!! Oliver is a budding artist!!

It has been a busy year for me. I have had several things published!! I need to take the time and list every thing and show off all the photos!! Here are my Prima and Postage Stamp shoes. they are in Somerset's newest Altered Couture. Also in that issue I have an article on my Black Velvet Safty Pin Dress and Jacket!!