Sunday, October 14, 2007

Great News!!!!! I'll Have An Article In Somerset's Weddings 4

Amanda Nolan editor of Weddings 4 Loved my new Wedding creation!!!! I had a Beautiful spread in the last issue!!! How could I top that???? I made a curtain for my daughter-in-law Christine's Craft Room. My son David and his wife have been married now for 9 years. There Wedding was very small and Christine wore her favorite color??? I'm not going to tell what color it was, but not a triditional color!!!! Now I have to re write the article for the Wedding Curtain that has their wedding photos on it. My daughter any now calls me the Art Cloth Collage Wedding Expert!!!

This weekend Amy and I went to the" Walter Larsen Antique" show. Of course we found lots of pretty and fun treasures we had to have!!!! I was on the hunt for inexpensive Cabnet Photos of Babies and Pretty Childeren!!! I found a lot of photos and not all were inexpensive!!! I found lots of Keys!!! One can not have enough keys!!! I plan to put them in necklaces for my etsy shop. Also bought a lot of beautiful fabric trims as did Amy. We had so much fun!!! Amy has a great eye for finding deals and great treasures!! She spotted a hat box from an exclusive, expensive huge boutique called Makoff's. Wyoming oil Barrons wives shopped there for the finest furs, couture clothing, hats, shoes and jewels!!! The box only cost $2.00, it probably cost that to make it in 1965. They sold the most wonderful shoes in all the world!! Can hardly wait until next year when the Antique show comes back.

I recieced my jewelry back from Somerset that didn't make the next Jewelry call!! I was sad of course. Every time I wear the pieces I'm pawed at by women who want to know where did i get them??? I just sent in another batch of jewels for the next call. I think I'm not creative enough for their jewelry magazine, but I will keep trying until they like some thing!!! My Motto is "Never Give Up"!!!! Hugs!!!!

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Sandy said...

Your necklace is absolutely fabulous! Great blog too : )