Sunday, August 19, 2007

Me!!! Artchix Home Page!!!! Wow!!!

Its so fun to see my art on the home page at the Artchix Yahoo group!!! I remember when I first learned how to use a computer and type (Hunt And Peck) typing, I found the Artchix Yahoo group. There was only a few posts a week. Then a year later that all changed!!! I've meet and become friends with so many other artists there. The people who are part of the group are all talented and some of them are even Famous Artists!!!!

I Love that Artists who have very busy lives take the time to share their art and encourage everyone to show off their art too!! I've also learned from the Artchix shop website. I was invited to teach an online class, me!!!! It was fun and hope others are using my techniques I shared. Not to bore you all I'm loading a phot from my online Artchix class!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

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